Panel discussion with Lisa Olivieri and the women featured in her film

Recovery City Rough Cut Screening

Group photo of Lisa Olivieri and the women who are featured in the film along with the film editor.
Lisa Olivieri (third from right) with cast and crew from Recovery City.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, I went out to the BrickBox Theater at JMAC to see the rough cut screening of Recovery City by Lisa Olivieri, film director from Central Massachusetts. After the screening there was a panel discussion and comments from Worcester District Attorney, Joe Early.

Worcester DA, Joe Early, making some comments after the screening of Recovery City
Worcester DA, Joe Early making comments.
Panel discussion with Lisa Olivieri and the women featured in her film
Panel discussion with the director and cast.

Recovery City is an intimate, unflinching portrait of four bold women who refuse to let themselves or their community give in to the stigma and despair of addiction.

Film Synopsis from

Despite still being a work in progress, it’s a powerful film about compassion, resilience, empowerment, and the power of community. The message is to meet people where they are, with compassion, and empower them to rebuild their lives.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film. To get there, Lisa Olivieri needs support. I’ve supported this project through sharing posts and via a donation. You can support this important project too through a tax deductible donation.

Follow Lisa’s progress on Instagram @lisamolivieri, Facebook/recoverycitydocumentary, or check out her website for trailers and information.






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